Executive Chef Nicky Dartiailh, originally from Bordeaux, France, prepares gourmet meals to suit every event and taste. Each expertly prepared meal is presented as a work of art, served upon stunning china with glowing crystal dinnerware.


Each morning begins with freshly baked croissants, muffins or sweet rolls, accompanied by a cup of freshly ground mountain blend coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice. The breakfast menu includes something for everyone, including Bran Flakes with skim milk, toasted bagels, Eggs Benedict, Spanish Omelettes, and deluxe French Toast. Hearty Canadian bacon, sausages and delicious fresh fruit are also available.


An on-board lunch is served on the first day as you cruise to your first anchorage. Lunch typically includes soup made from scratch by chefs of the Grace Anne II, and a deluxe sandwich; a light dessert is also served.

On the second and third day, enjoy the rustic tradition of the shore lunch. The guide staff prepares fresh-caught walleye, potatoes, beans, corn and relish garnish over an open fire at the shore lunch shelter. On-board or picnic lunches are available instead of shore lunch, if you wish.


Dinner is the Grace Anne’s time to shine, offering a variety of full-course, gourmet meals from which to choose. Daily menu changes ensure a wide selection of meats, fowl, seafood or fish and low fat items throughout the trip.

Four-course dinners are served on days one and two. On day three, prepare to experience the ultimate in refined dining, the elegant Captain's Dinner, with a fifth course and full formal decor.

Chef Nicky Dartiailh has created special menus for fall hunting trips, which provide the option of heartier, home-style meals that will satisfy even the most voracious appetite after a day in the blind.


Chef Nicky Dartiailh can accommodate any special dietary requirements. Attention has been given to provide at least one item that meets low fat, low sodium; low cholesterol requirements for those who wish to watch their daily intake, as rich sauces accompany many of the other menu choices. Daily selections of fresh vegetables and fruits vary with the season. Family style dinners, such as roast turkey, prime rib or crown roast of pork are also available upon request.

Click here to view some of the menu’s that Chef Nicky Dartiailh has prepared for our clients.




Cigars, Scotch and Wines

There is gentleness to Lake of the Woods that is beyond description and can only be experienced to be appreciated. To heighten just such an experience you will find the Grace Anne II staff ready to serve you that special glass of wine at the right moment, or a scotch on the rocks just when you were thinking about that very thing. Add a selection of fine Cuban cigars to choose from and you have the most decadent menu of delights to be served on fresh water in North America.

As with any service aboard the Grace Anne II, if you have a special preference, please let us know ahead of your visit and we will strive to have it waiting for you and your guests.

Scotch - A Single Delight
Single malt scotch whisky has long been recognized as a staple of the luxurious life the world over and the offerings aboard the Grace Anne II will delight and amaze even the most distinguished tastes. To the unrefined tongue all Scotch tastes the same, but to a seasoned Scotch drinker there are multitudes of variation and subtleties, and the only way to be able to taste these subtle flavours is through practice. Glenmorangie, Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, and Belvenie are most commonly stocked brands aboard the Grace Anne II.


Cigar Smoking – A Civilized Delight in the Wilds
A cigar seems to taste better in the wilderness of Canada, maybe it is the fresh air or the view, but there is an undefinable allure to cigar smoking on the top deck of the Grace Anne II. Cuban cigars are the number one choice for cigar connoisseurs the world over and when you sample these luxury tobacco products you will understand why. We keep all of our stock in an on-board humidor which helps to keep items in the best possible condition, ready for your smoking pleasure. Cigars such as Cohibas and Monte Cristo and Romeo Y Julietas and more make ideal ice breakers in high-profile business deals where a simple offer of a cigar can confer friendship and trust more than any other act.


Wines – A Timeless Pleasure
French, Italian, Spanish and Napa Valley wines are all routinely brought on board for each voyage, chosen specifically to complement the foods that Executive Chef Nicky Dartiailh has prepared for your voyage. Special requests are more than welcomed but due to demand of certain brands and bottles availability may be limited and should be requested at time of booking to allow for the lead time needed to secure your selection. Champagne is also available, for special occasions, either Dom Perignon and Mums are both routinely available.