If you're looking for a great shooting experience, then look no further than a customized day-trip excursion from the Grace Anne II.

If you’ve never handled a gun before than perhaps clay pigeon shooting is for you but if you’re a seasoned hunter the surrounding forests offer an abundance of game. All gear is provided for any activity that you choose to participate in.


Clay pigeon shooting is a great way to experience shooting in an open environment with moving targets, giving you a real sense of the thrill of shooting, better than any target range practise you may have tried before.
Whether a complete novice or a seasoned professional, you and your guests will enjoy the thrill of clay shooting in a range designed to mimic actual hunting situations. Spend the day shooting a round of trap on our regulation Trap Range, featuring a new ATA Wobble Trap Thrower.

First you will meet your shooting instructor, who is suitably skilled and an experienced clay pigeon shooter. Next you will receive a full safety and gun handling briefing before you set on the task yourself. The thrill you get when you destroy the target is amazing! Recreation staff will be on-hand the entire time for assistance.

DUCK AND GOOSE HUNTING (additional charges apply)

September 15 marks the opening of Migratory Bird and Small Game Hunting. Mallards, Teals and Wood Ducks are plentiful early in the fall, while Bluebills are abundant in late October. After a morning in the blind, you may wish to stretch your legs while hunting Ruffed Grouse on one of our many trails.

TROPHY WHITETAIL DEER HUNTING (additional charges apply)

The Western Peninsula and nearby islands abound with trophy white tailed deer. Beretta shotguns, hunting equipment, ammunition and hunting gear are all provided.

Whitetail deer in the Lake of the Woods area are BIG! Eight, ten and twelve pointers are common, with many scoring over 160. Non-typical racks of fifteen to nineteen points are taken every year due in part to the very low hunting pressure in the area. Weather conditions, food sources, wolves and low hunting pressure contribute to our Whitetail population being large bodied and heavily horned. With 14,000 plus islands ( many being a couple of miles in length ) and 65,000 miles of shoreline, there is lots of ground to cover for both hunters and trophy bucks!

Most people do not know that deer are fantastic swimmers! Bucks and does swim all season although during the rut, bucks are seen continually swimming from island to island on the search for receptive does.

Rut in the Lake of the Woods area begins mid October with pre-rut and continues until mid November. Tree stands, ground blinds and stalk and spot are all great ways to hunt these bucks. Experienced guides know how, when and where to be to have the best chance at harvesting a mature trophy buck. We have all the tree stands and ground blinds safely set up in these areas. All of our locations are accessed by large, dry boats with no other vehicle access. There are hundreds of square miles of naturally wooded area that we hunt.

When hunting Lake of the Woods, hunters need to wear blaze orange vests and hats. To obtain a buck tag, the hunter needs to provide proof of hunting competency from his/hers province or state. When stalk and spotting, even with your guide, a hand held GPS is recommended or at very least a good compass. There are many small lakes, swamps and thick bush areas you will encounter.

There are very few places in Canada, if any, which provide fully guided lake hunts for trophy Whitetail such as we offer. After your trophy has been taken, enjoy the remainder of your trip by duck and grouse hunting, walleye and muskie fishing or shed hunting. The trip is not over just because you harvested your trophy!

GRACE ANNE II LODGE provides guests with:

  • Professional guides with over 40 years of experience.
  • Accommodations just minutes from your stands, avoiding long boat rides.
  • Comfortable boats with full tops.
  • Other activities for the successful gamesman, including duck and grouse hunting, walleye and muskie fishing.

Due to popularity and limited space, early bookings are advised.


To ensure trophy populations year after year, bookings are for made for a maximum of six hunters at any given time. Trips extend for six nights and seven days.


  • One buck tag per hunter
  • One professional guide for every two hunters
  • All meals and accommodations
  • Transportation to and from the lodge, via boat
  • Cleaning and processing of game
  • Tree stands


  • A hunting license from YOUR HOME STATE, required to obtain an Ontario hunting license
  • Blaze orange vest or jacket (min. 144 sq. in. of coverage)
  • Your hunting smarts and ethics