Perfect for weddings, family getaways, birthdays, honeymoons… or for any getaway occasion the Grace Anne II Yacht and Lodge can accommodate any need you may have with your family and friends.

Once aboard the yacht you have your own chef, classically trained serving staff, and professional guides to entice your guests with imaginative cuisine and the finest service. Your guests will marvel at the panoramic views from the top deck of the Grace Anne II as your gently explore the Lake of the Woods many islands and waterways.

Many of our clients are return family guests who value the solitude and quality time spent with each other. Never sacrificing quality and elegance the isolated wilderness of Lake of the Woods, guests often going days without seeing another vessel, can be guaranteed to bring serenity to your travels.


I wanted to tell you what a fantastic time we all had with the entire staff on our trip at this resort. I can't imagine there being a nicer and more accommodating bunch of guys that could take care of everyone's needs so well. Every aspect of the trip FAR exceeded our expectations. You allowed us to create memories we will never forget. I hope the staff had as much fun with us as we did with them. Thanks so much for covering every detail. We look forward to visiting you all again very soon. Have a great summer. — Tommy