When met by our professional staff, you'll immediately feel like you're in the hands of a good friend.

We provide a level of service and satisfaction that is simply unmatched on any lake in the world. Our dedicated staff’s primary goal is to provide the most elite, highly personalized, luxurious service available anywhere, all in the isolated wilderness of Canada. This above and beyond factor never sees an obstacle in the act of providing the client with great service - we see no barrier in delivering exceptional service.

Our shared philosophy is that we will do whatever it takes to deliver outstanding service to each of our clients, we will serve free from restrictive policies that limit other organizations from ever reaching true luxury service, and offer truly customized service which is the hallmark of a voyage on the Grace Anne II.

Patrick Howard


I was born in Kenora, ON and raised on Lake of the Woods. My father owned a float plane service so I had the opportunity to fly over the lake and get a good idea of how big and beautiful it really is. At a young age I was given a boat to go "explore the lake" and enjoy what it had to offer. As I grew older, I was allowed to explore further and further down the lake and camp out on it over night.

Using a map in hand, I was able to guide myself around the north part of the lake. As the years have gone by I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to come work on the Grace Anne II in 1996 and take part again in "exploring" the lake. I started out working on the Grace Anne II as a steward and learned the "ins' and outs" of the vessel until one day I earned my Masters Certificate to pilot the Grace Anne II. It has and always will be an incredible experience to pilot such a beautiful vessel around Lake of the Woods and one that I look forward to every year when the lake opens up and the season begins.

Nicky Dartiailh

Executive Chef

Chef "Nicky" Nicholas Dartiailh has been the executive chef on the Grace Anne II for eleven years and has spent twenty years on the Lake of the Woods. His favourite part of the day is "making people's day through my culinary creations". French cuisine is the amazingly high standard to which all other cuisines must stive to live up to.

The country of France is home of some of the finest cuisine in the world, and it is created by some of the finest master chefs in the world and we are grateful that we have a master aboard the Grace Anne II.

Nicky: I was introduced to cooking and good food at a pretty early age as I am born and raised south of Bordeaux, France. Soon after finishing my training, I moved to South Africa where I spent seven years, working and running restaurants, and that is where I met and married one of my customers, from Canada!

I then moved to Kenora and after ten years as chef in a local hotel, I finally found my calling in the Grace Anne II, where I am starting my sixteenth year!