Set sail on one of the most dramatic, mysterious and surprising lakes in the world.

Looking out from the decks of the luxurious Grace Anne II, you will experience a force of nature 10,000 years in the making.

Carved by glaciers receding into the Canadian Pre-Cambrian Shield, Lake of the Woods stands as a beacon of history and natural beauty. The 65,000 miles of shoreline, more than all of the Great Lakes combined, edging the Lake of the Woods began to take shape as the glaciers melted past, leaving in their wake more than 14,000 islands – more than any other lake in North America. The surrounding countryside offer birders, anglers, and hunters an endless variety of opportunities to experience and explore the Canadian wilderness at its finest.

Location of Departure

Though remote, Lake of the Woods is not inaccessible. Nestled in a glorious sweep on the north shore is Kenora, a vibrant slice of city life, and our launching point.

Kenora’s airstrip can handle all private aircraft, and from Winnipeg International Airport Kenora is just a two hour limousine or luxury motorcoach drive away (Kenora 135 miles east of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and 500 miles north of Minneapolis, Minnesota).